10002 (An homage to Keith Haring) Andrew Harnish Poetry

local_library 10002 (An homage to Keith Haring)

by Andrew Harnish

Published in Issue No. 234 ~ November, 2016

When you arrived in New York in the late 1970s,

The city was almost shattered.

The Bronx aflame, Brooklyn in tatters.

The rush-hour bridges choked with cars.

Even in full sun, I cabbed around the park.

But you saw incipience in that grittiness,

Here, at last: boys, concupiscence, authenticity.

Greenwich and the Studio, pouring out light,

Which you, so sweetly, cupped across the city.

And then you were gone, like every-other man.

Still, your graffiti on my skin. The warmth of your hands.

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Andrew Harnish is a Ph.D candidate in English at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. His work has been published in NDQ and the High Plains Reader, and is forthcoming in the Journal of Mennonite Studies.