234 November, 2016

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Writing Another Country Song

Issue No. 234 ~ November, 2016

Jacky says the perfect country song has to be about a truck and someone who’s gotten hurt. It has to have at least one line about beer and talk about the current lives of old high-school friends. “A real country song has to be sad,” …

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A Night Without Sleep

Issue No. 234 ~ November, 2016

The last time I saw Michael was late at night. His grandmother had just died and he called me in a panic. He sounded hurt, confused, but not surprised. She was old, but he wasn’t ready for her to die. I asked him if he …

Tea Steeping

Issue No. 234 ~ November, 2016

Merida never properly said goodbye to her parents, Alice and J.J Brenson, the way that they deserved. Joseph John, better known to everyone he has encountered as J.J., was ex-military and had married her mother at the wise age of 44. Alice, a hearty contrast …