local_library Poems (after Rumi)

by Trivarna Hariharan

Published in Issue No. 234 ~ November, 2016

After Jelaluddin Muhammad Rumi

These are not poems,

just sounds tattered by memory.


Eyes full of dust, wind and weeping.

Hearts borrowed from unfulfilled pilgrimages.


Letters etched in the sky’s calligraphy,

music knit into the air.


Sun washing a pair of feet in shredded snow.

Seas growing the distance between lands.


These are not poems,

they are hiding places.


What is memory to someone

who has surrendered his light to the moon and can

no longer differentiate the earth from the sea?



Your shadows hang upon my walls

like the lanes of Rabat inundated with sunlight.
Once when I wrote in their reflection,
and the sea splayed the wind into two.



The heart is a tricky place to hide in.

The more you try to conceal yourself,

the more it bares you to the world.



Defending nomads comes to me naturally.

I find it difficult to remain unaffected by the necessity of geography. Guard my heart against a shelter. Keep moving around. Find a home in timelessness, in homelessness.



Language is a pair of syllables strung together.

Art is what is left of them when unmasked.



Absence is an ointment.

That explains why I never heal.



How can you accuse nomads of infidelity

when your own feet won’t stay

in one place?



This is the silhouette of a poem that is yet to arrive.

This is a morning written in the jagged letters of your name.



Your eyes are full of empty rooms and old longings.

Let me take your hands, and hold them for a while.

For once. Please.



The sound of your name is my Azaan.

I keep coming to worship it.


This is how it happens:


you enter a rhyme

and leave a




If you want to go home,

start from the wind.

The brave walk through the fire,

but the fearless move through the wind.



Once I wrote from your hands,

and the poems were no different.

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Trivarna Hariharan is an author whose work appears in or is forthcoming from various literary magazines such as Eunoia Review, Unbroken Journal, Random Sample Review, Textploit, TheOriginalVanGoghsEarAnthology, Bougainvillea Road, HIV Here and Now, Mad Swirl, Quail Bell, Germ, Paper Lens, The Criterion, On The Rusk, Allegro and elsewhere. She serves as the Editor in Chief at Inklette, the Head Officer For Journalism at Redefy, and Poetry Editor at the Corner Club Press. Her first poetry collection "Home and Other Places", is being published by Nivasini Publishers, and is slated for a 2016 release.