Black Ice, or Crazings Kristen Dachler Kapfer Poetry

local_library Black Ice, or Crazings

by Kristen Dachler Kapfer

Published in Issue No. 235 ~ December, 2016

frozen lake marla manuela

At the end of the road, a mountain lake mirrored the clear day’s colors and shadows. A snowball had been skittered onto the calm surface and perched there still; the water had frozen black and magic, as smooth and solid as glass.

She walked out onto the slick surface of the ice. Lying facedown, she gazed at the green fronds of plants growing at the bottom of the lake. The thick ice was clear as air but cold against her forehead, frozen blunt and solid, with no give at all–it rang then, a fabulous sound, and settled again. The rifts were long and steady rays, or they burst, celestially, or crisscrossed delicately like crackled glaze.

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Kristen Dachler Kapfer is Swiss-American, recently adding Germany to the mix, and has lived and worked for many years on both sides of the Atlantic. She dwells in Ambiguity and is starting to feel at home. As a poet and editor, she loves looking at writing from both sides, yours or mine, from the inside or out. Her degrees have to do with Religion, Fairy Tale Studies, and Medieval Art. The prose poetry here is a passage from her novel-in-progress, and the lake is real.

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