235 December, 2016

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Issue No. 235 ~ December, 2016

    They’re lacking in feeling, my children. I told them: “I don’t see any one of you feeling anything, except Jimmy.” They just looked at me. Especially Pat with his eternal resentfulness. Doesn’t like me beating him. That’s what he gets for being lazy. …


Issue No. 235 ~ December, 2016

I. The night before departure in a dream I embraced a bare-chested woman who would become my wife. I kept an eye out. Conversing with seatmates on flights into Paris and Cluj: The Brazilian beauty bound for the Trans Siberian Railroad; the Russian damsel detained …


Issue No. 235 ~ December, 2016

For Lijun Death by Water Let me tell you this before it is forgotten: when a whale dies at sea, it is the beginning of a festival. You must understand that this is a celebration that will last exactly a hundred years. The carcass will …