local_library A Yogurt Poem

by Alan S. Kleiman

Published in Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

Today I’m writing a poem about yogurt
I’m not going to describe the yogurt
Or the taste or smell of yogurt
Not even a mention of the texture
Of yogurt
And certainly not its color

Instead I’ll tell you where I sat
And what I was wearing
And who was with me
And what they said
About you
When I had the yogurt
And how I didn’t say anything
But thought the light is strange.
And I hardly know you at all


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Alan S. Kleiman is the author of GRAND SLAM, a Collection of Poems published by Crisis Chronicles Press. His poetry appears or is forthcoming in Yareah, Verse Wisconsin, The Criterion, Right Hand Pointing, Pirene’s Fountain, Stone Path Review, and Festival Writer. His poems are in anthologies published by Fine Line Press and Red Ochre Press and have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish and Ukrainian. He appeared at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as a featured poet in the performing arts series. Alan lives in New York City and works as an attorney when not writing poems.