238 March, 2017

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Book Review: The Painted Gun by Bradley Spinelli

Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

    In many ways a classic noir, Bradley Spinelli’s new novel, The Painted Gun, is told with enough excess and deadpan wit to keep it from feeling stale. David “Itchy” Crane is an information consultant, washed up ex-journalist, “ex” alcoholic (only halfheartedly) living alone …

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Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

Muffled excitement murmurs from the floor below, but Mathew drowns it out with his thoughts. Alone in his childhood bedroom, he twirls a mini Eiffel Tower figurine between his fingers. His jacket lies slung on the desk chair, dejected, while he sits on the edge …

Milky Blue

Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

I called a friend and we talked about the variables in crossing a street, like what if halfway across you realize that there is nothing on that sidewalk in front of you that will make you feel any different than you do here on this …


Issue No. 238 ~ March, 2017

    “You know some guy they call the Professor?” “Who?” “The Professor.” “That’s a weird name.” “Yeah it is.” The RPG round floated down Sacramento Street as if suspended on a wire, whistling past the bunker, Sarge watching in disbelief, and then striking the …