Here is the Truce Tom Harding Poetry

local_library Here is the Truce

by Tom Harding

Published in Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

Here is the truce
between us,
a little truce
that may not make the night
but let us keep it
like you keep a flame
alive with cupped hands
when the wind is blowing
let us nurture it
like a baby bird
that we suspect will not make it.
It is almost sweet
how we treat one another
when we know
it will not last,
let us survey the rubble
in the momentary
humanitarian pause
let us dig a little
in the devastation
and look for a hand waving out,
another reaching in.

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Tom Harding lives in Northampton, UK, where, when not working, he writes poetry and draws. He has been published in various places including Drunk Monkeys, Shot Glass Journal, Lighthouse Journal, Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Nthposition. He also maintains a website of his own work at