244 September, 2017

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Who Are You?

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

Who are you? What is your name? Who the hell do you think you are? How many times in a life is a person asked these questions, either out of genuine interest, benign conversation, or righteous indignation? What sort of answers do most people give …

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Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

Tonight, at line of latitude 36°12’04” north, line of longitude 37°09’40” east, elevation above sea level 1315 ft, following bombings that lasted over ten hours in your time frame of reference, but a mini eternity in her understanding, Fajr and her mama lost their home. …

When the Walls Tipped In

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

We were twelve years old when the walls tipped in we were twelve years old and then some. We were twelve years old but that couldn’t be right and our eyes, they were getting very bad. We were twelve years old or one hundred and …

Take Me Under Your Golden Wing

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

I was sitting on the porch swing, smoking, when Gala found the owl while trimming the bushes and plucking flowers from the row of hedges along the back of the yard even though the landlord had caught her once and told her to stop. She’d …

Life Events

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

In a dark, cold courtroom five judges sat behind five raised desks, draped in shadows. One of the judges, a black woman called Cafferty, yawned behind clenched fist. Another judge, called the Moderator, shot her a glance. And his look hung in the air long …

A Dark Place

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

There were priests there. Must have been taking a lunch break or in town for a conference or seminar or something or other. I imagined a troupe of mimes or construction workers or clowns walking in. At the moment, the most I could read into …

If All Hallways Were 2 Feet Wide

Issue No. 244 ~ September, 2017

If all hallways were 2 feet wide I think that I could be happy. I’d pull my little elbows toward my little waist when I’d see you coming along, I’d roll myself in against one of the walls, I’d laugh, I’d splay myself flat like …