Mathematics of Grief Mike Walker Poetry

local_library Mathematics of Grief

by Mike Walker

Published in Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

In five years you will be fifty-four years old

In ten years the same

In fifteen, in twenty, no change

No addition or subtraction

The math for this is incontrovertible

I can show you my work if you wish

The twelve tear stains on a white


The sorry state of my finances


After three weeks of neglect

The square rosewood box

Containing the remainder

The one hundred bottles of

Beer in the trash

I do the sums every day

And the result is always the same

54, when I am wasting away

And that, dear friends

Just doesn’t add up

At all…

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Michael Walker is a writer/musician artist living in Columbus Ohio. His first novel, 7-22, was published by CreativeGuy Publishing in Vancouver,BC in 2013. His second book, The Vampire Henry, will be published by Horrified Press in September of 2015.