249 February, 2018

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Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

  Corey never could have known that all of his crazy adventures and all of his troublesome curiosities would somehow lead him to a place like this. He’d read books about prison and seen the movies and the shows. Everybody had. Prison held a powerful …

The Duckweed

Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

Perhaps it was a time travel passage like those in the cheesy TV dramas, emanating smells of mystery and inscrutability in puffs of smoke echoed with the menacing fragments of dimness and dampness here and there. At one or two stories of the tong lau …

Lucida and Obscura

Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

08-23-2009 3:12 P.M. VID—CAM—PSI2 WED Day 1: My neck hurts. I have been craning it in precise movements for five years now: a sixty-degree swivel towards the left, rotating as much as my holder allows, to catch what’s going on in the Cereal and Homemade …

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Left Behind

Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

I recently watched a documentary on Kitty Genovese called The Witness. Famous for her murder in the 1960s, Kitty became the poster child for witness apathy. Thirty-eight people bore witness as she was stabbed repeatedly. Despite her screams, no one came. No one rescued her. …