The Hereditary Cavan McCaffrey Poetry

local_library The Hereditary

by Cavan McCaffrey

Published in Issue No. 249 ~ February, 2018

Delores can’t eat grapes

through a respirator but

she can suck teeth and

she can suck at whispering

if Jack eats one too many

and we can play over/under

with her obituary not because

of the grapes but with an eye

on her son on you for the

go-ahead by omission


For me it wasn’t the grapes

then it’s the grapes now

because now it’s me

counting days in pills

counting in handfuls

counting purple stretch marks

like fissures in tundra

like blood in the bath


For you it was when

you had the life insurance

and two years before it kicked in

you told me over drinks

you wanted to

you didn’t

and I won’t

and that leaves me

prostrate over the sausage

on the kitchen floor.

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I am 23 and currently applying to MFA programs. I attended New York University for my undergraduate degree. I have yet to be published and I have no significant literary qualifications of which to speak, but I hope to change that very soon.