local_library Juggling Love Darkness Snakes And Knives

by j. Alan Vokey

Published in Issue No. 250 ~ March, 2018

Moonlight dancing on happy ocean hearts and breakup skins.
Silhouettes: sliding winds on boardwalk fingers.
Thin black big fat night desires, masculine, feminine.
Shadows cast on shadow sands;
some ones, most twos, hand in hand, and solitary hands.
Skybound eyes lovewishing;
eyebound eyes lovewanting;
fleshbound eyes lovetasting.

A busker juggles darkness, knives, suspense;
silhouettes slide to watch him miss.
Eyes poised to scream cheer gasp, ooh ahhh.
Nerves recoil in the chest,
snaking up the throat set to spring, teeth, hiss.
As moonlight spat upon ocean’s pores,
as shadow thoughts stopped her shadow cold,
her silhouette spoke ice, “must talk, please.”

Her tail began to rattle behind her lips;
spring hiss venom was near, close as skin.
She juggled love, darkness, knives.
I growing wise; she growing cries,
her silhouette joined the thin black crowd
blowing quick along the boardwalk blur
kicking up nightwinds and shadowsands;
and I was left juggling snakes and her.

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Bio: j. Alan Vokey is a freelance author (and illustrator/cartoonist) of essays, short stories and poetry. His work has appeared in various publications in North America. He lives and works in a sleepy suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.