250 March, 2018

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Four Days After Carrie Fisher Died

Issue No. 250 ~ March, 2018

  I am sitting at the table in a cheap hotel off Conz Street. There is football on the TV, but I do not know who’s playing. I have taken all the money out of our bank account and talked my way into a hotel …

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Pinhole In A Playing Card

Issue No. 250 ~ March, 2018

August 21st was the exact day I realized I was in an alternate universe. Not an exaggerated alternate universe, but a subtle and unnerving one. The most terrifying alternate universes will look like your world, but they will feel off, and you’ll never be able …

Father’s Day

Issue No. 250 ~ March, 2018

The morning before Father’s Day, my brother and I rode our bicycles to McCann’s Gift Shop. The store carried a brass shaving kit with our old man’s initials embossed on the mahogany case. We went fifty-fifty on the gift and engraving — an idea endorsed by …

Pure Water Be Mine

Issue No. 250 ~ March, 2018

How am I supposed to chart you a map or paint you a picture in words of something that I can’t get a clear sight of even while looking at it? Even though I live here and have lived here most of my life, even …

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