252 May, 2018

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Shadow Child by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

Issue No. 252 ~ May, 2018

Shadow Child, a suspenseful and beautifully written literary novel by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, the author of the acclaimed memoir Hiroshima in the Morning, interweaves narratives and voices to reveal harrowing secrets of two generations of strong-willed women. There are three time threads in the novel, …

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Eidolon Lake

Issue No. 252 ~ May, 2018

Now and then a distant rifle shot rings through the mountain air.   Henry and Anita left the windy shore and found an old tottering picnic table beneath a spruce tree. Anita kicked off her shoes. He saw she had blisters on her heels and …

Disclaimers, Warnings & Indemnifications

Issue No. 252 ~ May, 2018

The entity reading this book (the reader) takes all responsibility for any and all accidents, mishaps, lawsuits, environmental damage, loss of income, loss of spousal affection, etc., etc. that may occur as a result of reading this book.   All characters are fictional, the figments …

A Memory of Miss Clara

Issue No. 252 ~ May, 2018

Mark Antony was wrong, I believe, when he said that the evil that men do lives after them and that the good is oft interred with their bones. Or maybe it is that way for men. It is not for women, for Miss Clara. I …

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Issue No. 252 ~ May, 2018

You live in a city where food poisoning is commonplace. Granddad tells you that the ice blocks you drool over are made from footbath water. It doesn’t stop you from eyeing the popsicles your classmates are devouring, but you dare not take a bite. The …

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