by kris tammer

Published in Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

The singularity desperately seeking itself is haunted

The pavement near the tram stop is haunted by someone who keeps tagging it with Pope 666

The word haunted is haunted

Sleepwalkers are poltergeists demonstrating peacefully at the rally in your dreams

Cities are made up of autotuned fractals which are ghosts

All statues are haunted by the ghosts of people’s pride

The bolts in the steelwork of the rollercoaster are haunted

The dream where your hands are too big for the gloves is haunted by yourself

All wishes are ghosts

To be caught looking at someone sideways is to cameo as a ghost

Every selfie ever taken is haunted by the other self

When you try to recall a foreign language that creeps up behind your face, you are a ghost

Whatever is ‘more than meets the eye’ is haunted

The staircase-eyed muse who will not settle for hearts as wings is a ghost

The deconstructivist & constructivist heads are always available for haunting

Non-constructivist heads are available for haunting

Ghosts that are trademarked in attics are not real ghosts

To be accused of perverting the course of nature trans-parently is to have daesin, and therefore, be truly alive. i.e. a ghost

Lo, the existential earwig accesses the social structure in absentia thus a black hole is born

Did anyone consent to the aerial view of history and GPS’s ventriloquy of ghosts?

In the afterlife, I admit your haunted hospital

Whatever is ‘more than meets the eye’ is haunted

Being unable to embody someone’s failed attempt at polyamory means we’re all haunted

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