255 August, 2018

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Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

  Jerome counted twelve infants, pressing their little pink snouts against the green tinted glass of the incubator. They were identical. “Damn. I guess I’m their father.” He grunted. The incubator made a beeping noise. A nurse stepped over. “What are you doing here?” Jerome …

Christmas, muted

Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

    Christmas had followed the same routine for as long as Brianna could remember. The cherries with soft warm flesh, mince pies with a cup of tea to make their noses sweat, then grazing through a huge box of melting chocolates, their fingers sticky, …

Men at Work: Julie, an initiative circulator

Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

I decided right away that I wasn’t going to be obnoxious. We’ve all seen those guys stationed at megamarts, standing behind trestle tables, cupping their hands and hawking their petitions to passersby. Last year I went shopping at Target, and one of them was right …

Psychiatry 101

Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

The process of skinning a human being is similar to that of skinning any mammal. Of course, our goal is more medicinal, and therefore, we’ll be following the certain procedure that will be most beneficial to the patient. Remember, there may be more than one …

Dinner Party in Four Parts

Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

1: I’m seated with the men. One of them is about a year into his divorce, which is not yet final, and the quick ascent—the two-month frenzy in which he was all over the place, dropped a size and felt like this is finally living, …