local_library After All the Lust

by Pamela Dionne

Published in Issue No. 262 ~ March, 2019

After all the lust

takes a slow boat

down a river

forgets the paddles

ditto the motor

gone thirty years with the flow


What keeps two people together?


Traveling without you

leaves me lonely

I want to show you


the Caryatids guarding Athena

while we share a plate of souvlaki

a glass of ouzo


my life mate

with a bad sense of direction

a tendency for low blood sugar

the carrier of snack bars

wherever we go

like a camel storing water

ready for any thirst

any back road

prepared to be lost

in the moment


I want to float

the Canal du Midi


nibbling croissants

drinking vin du pays

no charts

no worries

slow easy sex



but aged perfect

full bodied

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Poet and writer Pamela Moore Dionne’s work has appeared in a number of journals including Shenandoah and Pontoon. She was a Jack Straw writer and received their Artist Support Grant to record a CD of her Sabina Spielrein Ghazal series. Dionne earned a Centrum residency and an Artist Trust Gap Grant. Her visual art has been published in journals and presented in one-woman shows. Other credits include founding and managing the online art & literature journal Literary Salt. Dionne was also the founder of Discovery Bay Games. She received her MFA in Creative writing from Goddard College.