local_library Sweet Dreams

by Kimberly Cunningham

Published in Issue No. 263 ~ April, 2019

Tangerine peels strewn across the floor

Scattered wool socks lie nearby

Scratches on hardwoods exist


Grey flaky ashes

adorn a worn out stone hearth


Dusty tables and silty sills

A web or two in a corner


Where is the life that occupied here?


Young feet that pitter pattered

stomp somewhere else now

In adult land


Discarded dog hairs

Rusty pipes

Faded particles of furniture

sit in a sitting room


Cold cracked rocker

parked in a corner

waits for a rider


Up the creaky stairs

Is a soft whimper

” Where is my past?”

She calls out


“They left me here

Because I do not

Fit in their future”


Softly she says, ” I cannot find my time”

Yet time is coming for her


Crisp scent of citrus fruit

Lingers in the air


Alone and quiet here

Silence forever creeps in

Gentle breeze comes

and escorts her


As it moves through


The tangerine peels

converge with the socks

leaving behind the bare floor


All that remains is the sweet smell

And some secret dreams never spent












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Kimberly Cunningham has written three books: Undefined, Sprinkles On Top and Smooth Rough Edges. In addition, published in: Evergreen Journal, NY Literary Mag Tears, Torrid Literature, NY Literary Mag Flames, From The Heart by International Poetry Press , Crossways Lit Mag, herstry.com, The Daily Abuse book, Blood Into Ink, Poetry Super Highway, Silver Stork Mag, Diverseverse 3, Poetry for Peace Anthology " Spring", Snow Leopard Publishing anthology "Strength," Minnie's Diary anthology, Curtis Bausse Into The Rabbit Hole,Academyoftheheartandmind, Credo Espoir on line lit mag, The Voices Project, We Will Not Be Silenced anthology, and other works forthcoming. This scriber holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Her blog is located at undefined1blog.wordpress.com. Her work can be found at Lulu.com and Amazon.com