Transparan-Sea Jonathan Dowdle Poetry

local_library Transparan-Sea

by Jonathan Dowdle

Published in Issue No. 263 ~ April, 2019

Tied to this sail of your eyes, watch the waters break;

The way they fall, never injured, seeming

To fracture into laughter at the motion;

At the thought of the emotion

Dancing along the spine; here

Life drunk on the lips of life,

Crossing one thousand avenues only

In search of some perfect moment when the stillness

Grips the heart and pauses

All the days and nights of stuttering;

All the days and nights of stuttering because

These are the moments when

The heart gathers rest.


Do not ask me what it is, we learn who we are

Through the veins of another; we learn who we are

Through the visions they give us when we have

Carved away all the old dust, when we have become

Storms of whispers and words that part curtains,

When we open or shatter the old windows and let

The fresh day in; then we know something beyond

The thought we always believed;

Then we know something more of the truth that shifts

Like the breath that climbs through the throat,

Like the breath that sings in the lungs,

Like the breath that whispers life into the blood,

And how a single gaze might be

The ship within that blood, and we are

Tied to the mast of our discoveries.


Here, this distance held close; like the night sky where

All the stars are still seen, singing against your own singing;

Reminding you of the light that whispers even

Through your darkest phrases; even through your darkest hours;

The light whispers and whispers, and how

It is incessantly marching, like time,

Eternally moving, like the breath of you,

Eternally witnessed, like God,

There is beauty in the darkness even when there is

Only night within life’s eyes.


Tied to this sail, we break the curtain of the waves;

Discovering another life in each moment that comes,

Discovering its meaning in each moment that passes;

With all that whispers these fires

Deep into the spark of our deeper fortunes,

Deep, with the word of life upon the moment’s tongue

Which pierces our being and causes it to glow

As a star in the night; with the discovery of what

Each world and glance reveals;

Who cares if we ever find

Another shore?

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Jonathan Douglas Dowdle was born in Nashua, NH and has traveled throughout the US, he currently resides in South Carolina. Previous works have appeared or are appearing in: Hobo Camp Review, 322 Review, The Right Place At The Right Time, Blue Hour Review, Whimperbang, The Midnight Boutique, After The Pause, and The Big Windows Review.