local_library Morning Rush

by Yoni Hammer-Kossoy

Published in Issue No. 264 ~ May, 2019

By the time

I see two minivans

heading opposite ways

drive over a speed bump

at the same moment

mirroring with uncanny grace

the quicksilver of each other’s rise

and fall, I have already forgotten

what this morning’s argument

was about and thought instead

of synchronized swimmers

practicing for years what

happens by chance

or through love.



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Yoni Hammer-Kossoy’s poetry appears in numerous journals and anthologies, including most recently Stonecoast Review, Juniper Poetry, Sky Island Journal and River Heron Review. Originally from the US, Yoni has lived in Israel with his family for the last twenty years. When not writing he enjoys hiking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and would love to open a kosher food truck with friends but alas, still pays the bills as a software engineer.