Solitary Confinement Justine Akbari Poetry

local_library Solitary Confinement

by Justine Akbari

Published in Issue No. 264 ~ May, 2019

In the solitude, I lay expiring

wondering what if, how come, why –

Staring at the white walls of wanderlust;

a canvas for possibility and


How many minutes of a life spent away

thinking, not acting –

what to show for oneself save the etchings on the wall

marking the time that has no meaning?

Confined to a space, a place, a state of mind –

a choice, or manifest destiny?

Held captive by the puppeteer, the prison guard

the hospital staff, the guardian assigned

the lifeguard on duty.

How powerless are we to define our own existence –

one of our own making but at the mercy

of our own mind?


In the silence, I hear agony –

the cries the pain the amorphic abyss of ambiguity

clawing at the hollow insides of human captivity;

A temple for transcendence



A house set on fire.


In isolation, I am deteriorating

Finding fault in a system that promised community.




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Justine Akbari is a New York City resident in training, aspiring pantomath, and writer of life as she experiences it--often through an anxious, over-stimulating lens. A half-Persian, midwestern transplant, she now resides in the hipster haven that is Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she works in B2B media by day and writes poetry and beer descriptions by night.