273 February, 2020

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The Bad News Angel

Issue No. 273 ~ February, 2020

Officially I didn’t believe in angels, but here one was replete with feathery wings and hovering, glowing halo, which lit the four bare walls of my bedroom quite clearly. When I awoke, she was already smiling down at me beatifically.           …

person_pin Essay


Issue No. 273 ~ February, 2020

Our hamsters are too still in their cage, so I stick my finger through the grates to curl around the one I think is mine. Without confirmation of a bite, a droplet of my blood, I can’t be certain. I am sure he is too …


Issue No. 273 ~ February, 2020

My first time visiting the beach in two-thousand and ten is a blizzard. I arrive late in the day. It is early May. The sun is already sinking into the ocean, but I still need to taste salt and bathe in its reflective face. I …