local_library If a Toilet Falls from the Sky

by Ruby Izatt

Published in Issue No. 273 ~ February, 2020

If a Toilet Falls From the Sky


During demolition, a toilet falls from the window of my childhood home.

I ruin another group chat with inappropriate questions. If a toilet


falls from the sky are we supposed to feel something? How long

do we keep our umbrellas up after it stops raining? How long until


the danger clears? Stories find ways of never really ending

if we let them belly flop into the future. One night


can become a million, the idea of a night, then nothing.

Sell me a face mask to recover from the side effects


of lying. All the reusable water bottles I’ve lost lead like crumbs

to the witch’s house, and look, she’s bathing in a kiddie pool.


There’s no lead in the water, apparently, so drink up before

the sun comes crashing down. It’s not safe anymore,


nothing is safe with diamonds around. Diamonds glint

like baby models. Diamonds smell apple cinnamon.


The rain is loose sequins, the afternoon a cracked egg.

What do we feel when anything could emerge?




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Ruby Izatt is a queer femme writer from Vancouver and currently a Creative writing undergrad at the University of British Columbia. Her work has been published in Honey & Lime Magazine.