local_library Farm-to-Market Road

by Zach Groesbeck

Published in Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

Gusts yowl in country gloam—

freights, nearby, gashing branches.

Meanwhile, cattle—all


black cattle—saunter

to munch a patch of daffodils.


Still, the willows are the willows.


Trickle of moon—a bottomed-out

silo lain along the cow grass.

The barn, gutted.

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Zach Groesbeck grew up in Wyoming, working on dude ranches, and recently spent time in Washington state interning at Copper Canyon Press. He is a graduate of the MFA program at Texas State University. Formerly, he was the poetry editor for Southwestern American Literature. His work can be found in various journals, including The Cortland Review, EcoTheo, Opossum, and Otata, among others.