Hope Chest Sean Devine Poetry

local_library Hope Chest

by Sean Devine

Published in Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

When my mother suggested I buy you

a hope chest one Christmas, I had to laugh

at such an antiquated idea,

the image of you filling a cedar 

box with enough household linens and bone 

china for our new lives together. So 

instead I watched your beautiful hands pack

your things and head off for an MFA.

That was the year you gave me your poems 

collected in a manuscript. I still 

have it—twelve-point Garamond on yellowed 

paper—tucked in the bottom drawer of a 

cabinet, your words, even now, as raw 

as your inevitable leave-taking.

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Sean Devine is a Massachusetts native who now lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. He is employed as the Director of Education for Academic Programming, a title that sounds far more glamorous than it is, at a school district in Morris county. Sean's work has appeared in the Euphony Journal, pif, and Backchannels.