local_library The Amulet


Published in Issue No. 280 ~ September, 2020

Breeze blew the windchime by making a familiar sound

resonating with your voice in the air.

You tie a good luck knot on my pouch to wish me

a safe voyage.

The large loops remind me of your face in the moonlight,

languished by words of departure.


With rubber bands in your hands,

consummating the ringed pattern of blue dyeing attire,

your handmade skills piecing our dreams together,

shimmers sincere hope for recovery,

a home-bound return.


The cords of resilience,

weaving our fate into an auspicious amulet,

the tassel attached the knot stands alone,

fighting under the attack of raged Covid-19, with your blessings and love.



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Besides teaching students with learning difficulties in the elementary school in Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen wrote scripts and co-worked with other teachers on illustrated books in Chinese, English, and Japanese. She writes poetry in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese.