local_library Ambidexterity


Published in Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

sound sleep has evaded for weeks

your corrupt voicemails reverberate

deafen take out at the knees echo

tirelessly try to expunge them


strike them out obliterate

delete eliminate from consciousness you

countless overnight hours are spent

maneuvering your vision


honing rebellion

refining a new type of ingenuity

a way to circumvent

everything that you were


blackout all of the memory

your aura haunts even in absence

it examines closely

minutely nit-picking every move


in full awaked-ness scream

fuck you and your scrutiny

all your life you’ve glided

your list of capabilities


endless supply of skill

your life is nothing more than a basket of drama

you’ve made a Broadway play

you once held with both hands


sewing and patching an attic doll on strings

choreographing with your versatility

double-dealing malicious duplicity

being ambidextrous only makes you twice as guilty


you are not gifted you are not clever

you are not puppet master anymore

the danger in forced evasion of sound sleep

is the paranoia it creates



after sixteen days of wide-eyed openness

developing a certainty of your intent to harm

the manic plan is to separate your hands from your body

you will never again touch me without consent

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Michelle writes predominately from a female voice, focusing on love, loneliness, loss of innocence and how they are all interconnected. Her most recent publications have appeared in Pif Magazine, Zig Zag Lit Mag and Wild Roof Journal. She currently reside in Vermont within the small countryside town of Panton.