285 February, 2021

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Everyday Life

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

The aura of calm: January’s sun streams in her kitchen window. A nuthatch, poised upside down on the feeder, chisels away at the new brick of cherry suet. There is a stillness in the room. The gray cat stares intently into light’s cool blues and …

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Whisper That the War’s Not Lost, Lucy Dingon

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

The girl was draped over the mailbox like Salvador Dali’s Limp Watches, dripping down the blue paint. She was wearing a matching blue dress and he appreciated her white buttocks that pushed out like two frozen supermarket chickens.

God’s Brother

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

Not long ago I met one of God’s brothers and he told me that God is real but a habitual liar. Every time is a good time to come down from a solipsistic haze, he said with great care. I thanked him kindly. A few …

The Dawn Chorus

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

Young, rising sun. Here I forever stand and still, I cherish these first few swollen breaths of morning. The doves have paired. They wait. The first to arrive. On a branch above the holly bush today? An owl sounds the day’s first call. Retired from …

Meeting Bronte

Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

“Morning, I’m calling about the room you’ve got advertised.” “Sorry, it’s already taken.” “Okay, thank you.” I drew a line through the phone number on my piece of paper. Another one gone. Surely, I wouldn’t end up homeless on my first day at university. I …