by Maria Kornacki

Published in Issue No. 285 ~ February, 2021

You’re addic

ted, admit it.  




From: me


connecting dots           constellation forehead

interstellar map           quest

ion                               the skin

answers                       partially 

a void                          meat suit, coated 

sugar granulated          discovering remedies on

tangled                         web, the Internet

removing flesh             in favor of inter

face                              masks and direct 

contact.                        (I)n(f)ormal                 

(this is)                        (communication),

I.e. ghosting,               (i) chatting, 

snap (dis)course         (connect) followed 

by becoming an          FB 

eye                             witness.


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Maria Kornacki graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Creative Writing. Her work has been featured in Sonder Midwest, Local Wolves, Remington Review, and Genre: Urban Arts No.8 Print. She’s working on her first poetry collection.