by Trevor Graumann

Published in Issue No. 289 ~ June, 2021

after Theocritus


butterfly, fetch

bay leaves for the


and caul fat

we’ve embarked upon a



juniper berries

like pine

blazing beeswax

in this maddening hovel


the sinews of my


placed ficus over the


fir needles on the floor

in the mist of insomnia

a tangle of twigs

short work for the fire

hide in these deep


for days


butterfly, weave

a path to my bottle

and let’s believe in fate


this autumn

supernatural delight

lifts through the copse

your heart adamantine






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Trevor Graumann is a Winnipeg writer and musician whose work has previously appeared in Prairie Fire and CV2. He has a BA in English from the University of Winnipeg and believes the art of conversation will save us all.