289 June, 2021


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Barney Rudolph

Issue No. 289 ~ June, 2021

Barney Rudolph was a solitary man. This is what he silently said in his private story of self. Alienated, a loner, lone wolf, an outsider. Always an outsider. First, there was the fact that he was adopted. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph were a simple, loving …


Issue No. 289 ~ June, 2021

Father, to Mother, enthused, “Envision a polyvinyl banner, quick-printed and shipped overnight, hung from the Camelot Castle monkey bars of our community park. The banner will read: ‘Happy Birthday Son, You’re Three!’ The font must be perfect! Not so perfect as our Son, but the …

Story Teller

Issue No. 289 ~ June, 2021

There we were. Trapped between reality and make-believe. The whole situation seemed to defy logic. Then again, that’s childhood.                 It’s fascinating how things like perspective and imagination change with age and time. As a little kid, I was a dreamer. My imagination was always …

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