by Jay Dubberly

Published in Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

there is frost where vegetation should be

knees spring back-forth & onward we plunge—up! up! up!


no more pontificating wildly in our steins

no more licking happiness from our thenar webspace


no more accidental opiates nor 3 a.m. tercets

no more confusing bated with baited breaths


we’ve passed the test collected our savings &— dammit

we’re going to be beautiful boys someday


we sled through our summer wish-hope-praying

for grass slick as ice—but there is frost where vegetation should be


& it is still January & that space between my thumb & index finger

drips for you


I’ve spent so much bodily fluid

with my head knocking against a vending machine


& a conspiracy is only a theory until you prove it

help me prove it


help me toboggan upward like walleye

help me remember surf wax & roof racks


& Scotch tape & thumbtacks & boy howdy—

doesn’t a scotch sound good right now?


help me lift this glass to my spout

close your eyes listen to that ice clink


there’s nothing like that, I tell you

save a perfect luge to the top of a hill in July




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A. Jay Dubberly is a writer & educator living in the Little City. Jay teaches writing & film courses at various colleges throughout Vermont. He is the founder of Zig Zag Lit Mag, a hyper-local community publication. Recently, his poetry has been featured in After Dark, Bloodroot, & Meat for Tea.