291 August, 2021

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Franzen’s Indulgence, Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen

Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

It is, finally, our indulgence in a book called Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen, following backstory and run-up to the Hildebrandt family’s major catastrophes present day, 1971.  Crossroads is a novel written in two sections. In the ‘Advent,’ section first, the workings of Russ Hildebrandt’s passion …

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Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

1. As Julixa was frying an egg for lunch, she had a vision:   Torches flickered in her peripheral, the ground dropped away on all sides like stairs on a pyramid.  Hands flew up to her face.  In them, a halved coconut.  Filled with blood.  There …

How Good Are You at Dying?

Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

“You say your name is Baltimore, huh?” She nodded, once. The barrel of his gun, staring at her, intently. “Well, what kind of a name is that?” “Not my real one.” She mumbled. “What?” “Baltimore is not my real name.” “Well, what’s your name then, …


Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

The cello case was old. Its black lacquered wood, once polished to a shine, was now dulled by dozens of scratches and scuffs. Frayed duct tape covered a long split along its front. A weathered leather strap was wrapped around it like a belt. It …

The Known World

Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

When I was a child I knew a wonderful truth: there was only one red-breasted robin in the world, his name was Jack, and we shared a quiet friendship. When I woke up in the morning and looked out the window, Jack peered back from …