local_library Dear Prudence

by Beth Christian

Published in Issue No. 292 ~ September, 2021

when I sing it to the roof

it lends an open window

flat asphalt surface

radiating dance floor

it was the freedom of the height

the titillating spring breeze

invitation I could not resist

thoughts that kept pointing this way

if I could tell you I am sorry I would

did it show you had no classroom management

no control

(it was I that had no control)

kissing you 

during a lecture

it was a bet

laughing in the back of the classroom

you must have heard the joke

how your wife wore barrettes

like a silly little girl

not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance

stating a conviction a flag unworthy of

the republic for which it stands

or attention grasping

your mental breakdown

I felt guilty

too young not to be self-absorbed

to understand the complexities

crisscrossed through the years

I stand here with extended arms

hoping I gave you some enjoyment





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Beth Christian lives in Weybridge, Vermont near Bittersweet Falls. She shares her home with her husband of 40-plus years, nine parakeets, six chickens, two dogs, & a large painting of Che Guevara. Beth is a retired educator. She was forced out of her job because of her bipolar diagnosis & sticks it to the man one poem at a time (sans punctuation).