292 September, 2021

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Issue No. 292 ~ September, 2021

Girl crept down the stairs on her first night home, treading sideways to keep her weight off the outer, squeaky portion of each step. When she descended far enough into the living room, she saw the Devil in a corner chair that no one ever …

An Unbearable Season

Issue No. 292 ~ September, 2021

Lucas closed her nightstand drawer, careful to leave no evidence he had opened it―she would notice a handkerchief pushed aside, know he had been snooping through her things. Retrieving his book, he reclined on the reading sofa next to the window collecting patches of    …

The Peat Fire

Issue No. 292 ~ September, 2021

I was driving along an empty street of no more than twenty sparsely spaced houses. Two of them were burning, or rather smoldering with a lot of smoke. Trees, mostly half-dead willows or withered pines, stood tall in front of the houses, behind picket fences …

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