Elemental Love Elizabeth Horstmann Poetry

local_library Elemental Love

by Elizabeth Horstmann

Published in Issue No. 292 ~ September, 2021

a quiet whisper

a hushed excitement

your touch


I feel the well inside me open

volumes of water, gushing

rushing like velvet


heavy wetness

smooth in its gurgling


afraid my water

may put out your fire

wash you away to the safety of higher ground


calling forth my air

again, and again


to blow and cool

to whisper to it

to sing to it


a lullaby to a baby

hushing its fierceness


lifting steam above the surface




perhaps the water is gentler

more approachable in its evolutionary cycles


a soft rain

the cushion of white clouds

of us

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Elizabeth Horstmann is a poet who lives in Barre Vermont. She is an artist, writer, mother, and teacher. She works for the Headstart program. She has had poetry and artwork published in ZigZag lit mag and the Druidical. She also does woodland artwork and writes on her blog about it; https://thetreesongjourney.com/