295 December, 2021

local_library Poetry

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The Trouble At Surfside Beach

Issue No. 295 ~ December, 2021

It was an impossible choice. Kill or be killed. The sweat on the man’s brow. The gun quivering in one hand. So I did it. With a lunge and direct aim at his throat. He went down. Now I am here. Waiting for my day …


Issue No. 295 ~ December, 2021

A man flops on a park bench. He reflects on losses and near misses, disappointments stored like copper coins in a mayo jar. His pennies wait years to get cashed. He peels off a patch of forearm skin murdered by the Indian summer. A school …

Indigo and Half Moon

Issue No. 295 ~ December, 2021

11:46 a.m. A woman wearing a down jacket with silver duct tape clutches the hand of a young child. She throws a half empty coffee cup into the bin under the counter, walks past a full length mirror and glances at her reflection. Twisting her …

The Table for Eating Customers Only

Issue No. 295 ~ December, 2021

  Clayton Whitman stood in the dark side alley with disgust written on his face.  The aroma of cigarettes, burnt food, and urine hovered like a cloud in the enclosed space, seeming to radiate off the damp walls.  Below, a few mice scuttled about.  Above, …