local_library Going to Meet My Lover

by Linda McCauley Freeman

Published in Issue No. 295 ~ December, 2021

Like stepping onto the big screen.

Suddenly I’m Bergman meeting Bogey.

I wrap my trench coat around me, see

the woman in the shop window

wrap her coat around her. She

smooths her hair, stops once

to check her lipstick. Does everyone

know? Certainly, they can see

the manicured fingers shiver

as they tuck a stray hair behind

her ear. The dress, effort

of casualness that leaves her

slightly breathless. The store

where we meet is large

in front of me. I know he waits

inside. I just need to enter.


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BIO: Linda McCauley Freeman has been widely published in international literary journals and anthologies, including a Chinese translation of her work. Two of her earliest publishing credits are with Pif Magazine! Most recently she appeared in Poet Magazine, Amsterdam Quarterly, won Grand Prize in StoriArts poetry contest honoring Maya Angelou, and was selected by the Arts MidHudson for their Poets Respond to Art 2020 and 2021 shows. She was a three-time winner in the Talespinners Short Story contest judged by Michael Korda. She has an MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College and is the former poet-in-residence of the Putnam Arts Council. She lives in the Hudson Valley, NY. You can follow her at www.Facebook.com/LindaMcCauleyFreeman