account_circle by Bob Tomolillo
Bob began his career during the burgeoning of the print workshops in 1970. He worked at Impressions Workshop in Boston and at the Printshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands as a professional printer. He earned a B.F.A. from University of Massachusetts and an M.F.A. from Syracuse University. A faculty member at the F.A.W.C. in Provincetown, Mass. and currently serving as secretary for The Boston Printmakers, his lithographs are included in collections here and abroad. In 2009 he was the co-winner of the first Dayton Peace Museums Peace Prize for The Arts. He recently participated in the London Liberal Arts College, "Year of Subversion Exhibition." He is currently organizing a members exhibition titled, 2016, A State of Mind, to coincide with the political season, to be held at Lamont Gallery at Phillips Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. His essays on "Art" have appeared in the Print Alliance Journal "Prints and Politics" and Visual Overture Magazine. Other writing has appeared in Literal Minded, Orange Alert, Shine Journal, and Spilling Ink Anthology.


Printmaking in the Age of Trump

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

The next few years could pose a challenge for Art, as artists grapple with reality in the age of Donald Trump. Conservative mainstream views on the validity of visual arts have always fallen into the dubious category of unnecessary social programs or useless self-indulgence. Swipes …