242 July, 2017

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Not Drowning, But Waving

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

I was watching Dexie hold his breath underwater, pretending to time him, when I spotted an old friend standing in the shallow end, nursing a drink. I made my way over. “Fuzzy F,” I said. “I thought that was you.” “That’s Dr. Fuzzy F to …

Chisos Mountain

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

Bad things happen in these mountains. Patient, enduring, these mountains sit in the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert, where a sinuous Rio Grande River works its way south dividing Texas from Mexico. Here the country is dry, dusty, and hostile. The arms of the Ocotillo …

You’re Here

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

You’re on a middle seat, thirty thousand feet up in the sky. It’s too late to go back, obviously, but that’s all you can think of. Being back on campus, in your room that you share with a girl on a varsity scholarship, whose eyes …

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Printmaking in the Age of Trump

Issue No. 242 ~ July, 2017

The next few years could pose a challenge for Art, as artists grapple with reality in the age of Donald Trump. Conservative mainstream views on the validity of visual arts have always fallen into the dubious category of unnecessary social programs or useless self-indulgence. Swipes …

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