account_circle by Holly Tri
Holly Tri is a full-time editor for a book publisher in Portland, Oregon, and has an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She also edits for various non-profit literary journals. Her short fiction has appeared in The Rejected Writer. Born and raised in northern Minnesota, she and her family now live in a small town near Portland.


Psychiatry 101

Issue No. 255 ~ August, 2018

The process of skinning a human being is similar to that of skinning any mammal. Of course, our goal is more medicinal, and therefore, we’ll be following the certain procedure that will be most beneficial to the patient. Remember, there may be more than one …

The Importance of Rain

Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

She moved through the rain like she was a veteran in the Russian ballet, with the smooth sway of her arms at her sides and her delicate and confident steps amidst the forming puddles. She didn’t look discomfited by the wet either. Rather, she might …