account_circle by Jim Ross
Jim Ross is a health researcher specializing in child and adolescent health. Of note, he directed the last national study of the physical fitness and physical activity of American kids. He splits his time between Silver Spring, Maryland and Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. He attended Georgetown University for undergrad, and Howard University for grad school. In his 20s, he wrote creative non-fiction stories, then buckled down to raise a family and pursue a career.. A few years back, he remembered who he'd been and resumed going to modern dance performances, growing fat tomatoes, engaging in long conversations in saunas, going on long walks, getting lost in the woods and writing stories from life. He previously published stories about the integration of the DC snipers into the Silver Spring YMCA in and elsewhere on the 10th anniversary of the DC sniper shootings. He aspires to spend more time hiking in the South of France where it's cheaper to fill your empty water bottle with fine local wine than to buy a bottle of water. Viewing parenting as a fine art,that takes a village, he and his wife, Ginger, look forward to becoming grandparents one day.


Creative Nonfiction

Getting the Last Word

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

The day before Valentine’s Day, Dad called and told me he planned to take Mom to a psychiatrist to get her drugs strong enough to “drive the devil out.”



Issue No. 259 ~ December, 2018

Embers still smoldered in hearts of Harlemites two years after the Holy Uprising when torched shops blazed because a lone bullet in Memphis pierced MLK’s right cheek. Only three years before, assassins riddled Malcolm X with 21 gunshot wounds in Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom. Death threats …