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Jeremy O'Brine grew up in Wapato, WA on his father's farm. He received a Bachelor of Arts at Central Washington University, and a Master of Arts with a focus in American Literature at the University of Sheffield. He likes cats and video games.

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Book Lovers

Quick Fall of Light

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

From asteroids and comets with ‘Earth or Bust’ tattooed on their underbellies, to stories of super volcanoes and earthquake storms, the Grand Narrative of our end always seems to draw


Look East

Issue No. 155 ~ April, 2010

I'm missing nothing and moving at a rate I don't think I've moved at for years. To others, I must blur. My muscles are pistons, my blood petrol. I can feel my hair start to dampen with sweat, can feel it on my back and thighs. I don't look at the clock, don't stop.