account_circle by Conor Madigan
Conor Robin Madigan is the author of the short novel Cut Up (Republic of Letters Books, 2011). Madigan received his MFA from the School of Art Institute in Chicago. His short fiction and essays have appeared in Horla, Fortnightly Review, New York Tyrant, The Saturday Evening Post Anthology of Great American Short Stories 2020, Pif Magazine, and elsewhere.

Book Lovers

Franzen’s Indulgence, Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen

Issue No. 291 ~ August, 2021

It is, finally, our indulgence in a book called Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen, following backstory and run-up to the Hildebrandt family’s major catastrophes present day, 1971.  Crossroads is a novel written in two sections. In the ‘Advent,’ section first, the workings of Russ Hildebrandt’s passion …


Ten Minute Essay in Times Font

Issue No. 287 ~ April, 2021

The title itself could distract me, if it came before anything I was meant to write, and stopped me up before the first sentence had come. An idea had been there or maybe just a glance of one? All would vanish with the name.             …

The Novelist, Nowadays

Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

I At once irreplaceable and hors concours in the book business, further, tact and consideration in the treatment of, the more vital, because, though often arrogant and unreasonable, importance allies with considerable helplessness, insecurity, and anxiety; The Novelist. Publishing history enshrines minuscule minority rather than mere producers …