account_circle by Obinna Ozoigbo
Obinna Ozoigbo, a Nigerian fiction writer, is the author of the novel The Dust Must Settle (AuthorHouse 2010). One of his short stories Boka’s Medicine was published this February by Pif Magazine. My Wedding Day, another short story of his, is about to be released in the 2014 African Roar Anthology in Sweden. Lurking in the Shadows, his first collection of short stories, will soon be published in the United States. Married with four children, Mr. Ozoigbo lives in Lagos and is positive about finding an agent on either side of the Atlantic for his second novel which has long been completed. His literary influences are Dominic Dunne, Edith Wharton, Alex Haley, and Cyprian Ekwensi.


At Don Smiley’s

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

Suddenly we see ourselves watching in horror as the very last patient ahead of us, a lanky fellow, reels out of Smiley’s consulting room. He holds his mouth with both hands as if all his teeth will otherwise fall out. As his boots clatter on the polished ceramic tiles, like those of a drunkard staggering home from a local pub, my palms break out again in a sweat.

Boka’s Medicine

Issue No. 201 ~ February, 2014

They had called upon Allah for forgiveness. They had prayed harder—with their carbi. And, much more fervently than ever, they had beseeched Allah to bring Ado back.