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Richard Luck is the Founder and Technical Director for Pif Magazine.

One on One

Interview with Steven J Frank

Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

Richard Luck: What was your impetus for writing The Uncertainty Principle? Steven Frank: To celebrate the soul of the techie, and to offer an entertaining glimpse at their world for people who ordinarily might be turned off. My hope is that a romance set at …

Interview with Victoria Alexander

Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

Richard Luck: Did you have a specific reason for writing this book? Victoria Alexander: In the case of Smoking Hopes I was responding to Waiting For Godot. I personally don’t think it would be so bad if we found out that Godot was not coming …


Letter to Ian

Issue No. 1 ~ October, 1995

You were there, then. You sat in a director’s chair by the kitchen window, the canvas worn and frayed at the seams, and sipped nervously from the cup of coffee I had brought you. The table was painted green and purple; we had stayed up …


Film & Screenwriting

Book Lovers

Smoking Hopes

Issue No. 9 ~ October, 1997

Winning the Washington Prize for Fiction for your first novel shows incredible talent, of which, admittedly, author Victoria Alexander possesses a lion?s share. She is a seemingly brash and witty woman, not entirely unlike Smoking Hopes? heroine, Charlie Dean, who worked part-time as a stripper …