account_circle by Salvatore Difalco
Salvatore Difalco lives in Toronto. His work has appeared in a number of formats.


Visiting Critic

Issue No. 287 ~ April, 2021

On those tranquil evening hours during lockdown when the lights were dimmed and the dogs quieted, I would sit at my desk and work for hours on end with no break, not even for water. I would hammer away on a piece, cutting here, adding …


Issue No. 247 ~ December, 2017

It was a party to which I would have declined an invitation if my wife didn’t want to go so badly. So there we were, sipping cocktails. Mine had more vermouth in it than bourbon, never a good sign. The host, Albert Teeth, commended us …


Lake Como Stopover

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

The woman seated across from me resembled a series of geometric shapes, painted in primary colours—red, yellow, blue—and floating around each other as if suspended in air. The fruits of light and shade, perhaps. Or more correctly, the space-cake—somehow maintained in one piece on the …