account_circle by John Hammond
John Hammond is Director of Public Relations and teaches English at San Antonio College, where he organizes an annual Book Fair. He won the Writers Digest First Place Award for Poetry and has published his poetry in Southern Poetry Review, Journal of Popular Film, Wind, Epos, and elsewhere. He has written personal articles for various publications and published many book reviews for the San Antonio Express-News.

One on One

Interview with Howard Rheingold

Issue No. 73 ~ June, 2003

John Hammond talks with Howard Rheingold about Smart Mobs, what technology won't do for us and why the U.S. is currently behind Asia and Europe in the development and use of some of these technologies.

Book Lovers

Smart Mobs

Issue No. 73 ~ June, 2003

This is a must read for anyone curious about how technology is changing the way we relate to each other.

Back When We Were Grownups

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

Wondering about the lives we might have led must be a universal preoccupation, for we know the plot of our lives could have gone in many other directions just as easily. As Robert Frost’s famous “The Road Not Taken” reminds us, one key choice can …

Sailing Alone Around the Room

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

The publication of Billy Collins’ new and selected poems comes only about a month after his appointment as Poet Laureate of the U.S. for 2001-2002 and a little more than a decade since the publication of The Apple That Astonished Paris, the first of four …