account_circle by Thea Atkinson
Thea Atkinson is a freelance writer who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her recent fiction has appeared in The Danforth Review, In Posse Review, The Nashwank Review, The New Quarterly, and InkPot. Her non-fiction has appeared in Canadian Living, Atlantic Cooperator, Atlantic Progress, and Family Chronicle.


Rosary Beads

Issue No. 106 ~ March, 2006

"He says hair makes a woman beautiful. Any woman. They should wear it long, and please their men, tease their men, with the tickling of it across skin. He has no patience for short, manly styles."

Bus Stop

Issue No. 100 ~ September, 2005

She's homeless. Probably crazy. She presses further into the only available seat four rows behind the driver; the other occupant presses closer to the window, stares out as if it was actually open and wafting clean air in.